How does an AirCare Assurance membership benefit me and my family?
As a member, if you receive a covered transport by Haynes Life Flight, Haynes Life Flight will accept the amount paid by your insurance carrier as payment in full. Therefore, you will not have any out-of-pocket expense. This can save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, since many insurance carriers do not cover the full cost of air ambulance services.
How does the AirCare Assurance Membership Program benefit the community?
The AirCare Assurance Membership Program provides financial support for Haynes Life Flight, to help assure that this vital life-saving service remains available in the community. Reliance on user fees alone may not provide a stable source of revenue because utilization of Life Fleet air ambulance is unpredictable and subject to seasonal fluctuations.
Who is included in my membership?
A household membership covers all immediate family members who live in your household, including adult children up to the age of 26 years. Medicaid beneficiaries are not eligible for membership.
What services are covered by my membership?
Membership covers any medically necessary transported by a Haynes Life Flight Ambulance. Medical necessity is determined by your insurance carrier or, if you do not have insurance, by The Haynes Life Flight medical director, in consultation with the physician who ordered the transport. Membership does not cover transports for the convenience of the member, his or her physician or any other party, since these are not deemed medically necessary. Also, membership does not cover transports provided by any other ground or air provider, except for ground transports provided by Haynes Ambulance, either to or from the Haynes Life Flight Air Ambulance.
If I have a medical emergency should I call AirCare Assurance or the local 911 service?
Call your local 911 service. The 911 dispatchers are trained to get specific information about the medical emergency from the caller and determine what type of medical transportation, and which specific provider is the best option based on factors such as proximity to the scene of the accident and the time it will take to go by air vs. ground. There is no guarantee that the local 911 dispatchers will call AirCare Assurance.
Who determines if and when I will be flown?
If your medical emergency meets certain criteria, and your attending physician (if you are in a hospital) or local dispatcher or emergency medical personnel, (if you are at the scene of an accident) will determine whether transport by air is medically appropriate for you. Under some circumstances (e.g., the transport is from the hospital), you may be able to request a transport by AirCare Assurance. However, your attending physician or EMS personnel will make the ultimate decision regarding how you are transported and by whom.
Will an AirCare Assurance helicopter always be available if I need one?
AirCare Assurance is a division of Haynes Life Flight and exclusively uses Haynes Life Flight helicopters and crews. There may be times when the Haynes Life Flight helicopter in your area is committed on another patient flight, or is out of service for maintenance or weather related reasons (In those circumstances, we may be able to call another Life Flight helicopter from an adjoining service area.) In some cases, however, you may need to be transported by ground ambulance or another air ambulance service. It is important that you get the medical care you need as quickly as possible, no matter what the mode of transportation.
Will I be able to obtain a transport by AirCare Assurance no matter where my accident may occur?
AirCare Assurance only provides services within its service area, as indicated by this link. In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration has rules limiting when an air ambulance may provide service. In certain inclement weather conditions, for example, we may not be able to fly.
Will AirCare Assurance honor other unaffiliated air medical provider memberships?
No, because membership is not an insurance product, we may waive any out-of-pocket expense only for covered transports provided by Haynes Life Flight helicopters, as the exclusive providers for AirCare Assurance. State and federal law do not permit us to pay for your out-of-pocket expenses for other unaffiliated air medical membership programs.
Is there a limit to the number of flights a member can have in a year?
There is no limit in a number of flights, but only medically necessary air ambulance transports are covered.
Is an AirCare Assurance membership considered insurance?
No. An AirCare Assurance membership is not an insurance product. Membership provides prepaid protection against covered air ambulance transportation costs that exceed a member’s health insurance or medical benefits.
How long does an AirCare Assurance membership last?
Membership is valid for one year from the inception of the membership. We will send you a renewal membership application prior to the expiration of your membership.